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Sporting Activities


The 2016 Intermediate Summer Tournament Volleyball champions

Through the united efforts of teachers, parents and friends of our school, opportunities are available for the students to participate in a variety of sports. We have a sports co-ordinator, Alison McQuillan who can be contacted at to organise participation.  A very high percentage of children play at least one sport in the weekend in both summer and winter competitions.

You can sign your child up for current sporting teams via our Sports Registration Website.

Please regularly check this site for up to date information on what sports are currently available.


Lunchtime Leagues

We encourage lunchtime leagues during the term; these are supported by school staff, but where possible run by the students themselves.  Should students have any idea on lunchtime leagues please contact Alison through her email address as above.


School Events

We endeavour to provide a variety of sporting events throughout the year whereby the students can put into action skills taught through PE lessons.  These include swimming, cross-country, winter sports and athletics.  Parents, caregivers and friends are always welcome to support such events.

Running Race 1

Inter School Competitions

Where possible our students participate in inter-school competitions.  The Year 7 and 8 students are represented at the Intermediate competitions.  The Year 4, 5 and 6 students participate in Primary competitions.


Since 2005 all our students work through a swimming programme supported by the professional swimming instructors at the ASB Aquatic Centre in Richmond.  Five lessons take place at the beginning of Terms 1 and another five in Term 4.

Swimming Race at Saint Pauls School NelsonASB Aquatic Centre Swimming for St Paul's



We encourage the students in Year 5, 6, 7 and 8 to join the school volleyball team.  Games are played at the Richmond Badminton Hall for Years 4-6 and at Saxton Stadium for Years 7-8.  The times are sent at the start of the season.  We are involved with Volleyball training during school hours.  Support for this comes through the Volleyball Development Officer at Tasman Volleyball.


Kiwi Cricket

We have teams entered in the Saturday morning competition in December and February, which begin at 9 a.m.  A letter is sent at the beginning of Terms One and Four seeking players.  This is not available to Year 7 and 8.  Students in these year groups play through local clubs.  Please contact us if you need assistance in finding appropriate clubs.



We have had as many as seven teams entered in the local Saturday competition.  Girls from Years 4-8 are able to play.   We are reliant on parents to help with coaching and managing teams.  Players take part in both Primary and Intermediate Inter-school competitions.

Saint Paul's Richmond Netball Team

Mini Ball and Basketball

Mini Ball is for students in years 4-6 and Basketball for students in years 7-8.  The Richmond/Waimea league is played in Terms 2 and 3.  Years 4-6 play at the Richmond Badminton Hall and Years 7-8 at Saxton Stadium.  Again, we are reliant on parents and friends to help with coaching and managing teams.


Touch and Rippa Rugby

Rippa is played in term1 and is offered to students in year 3 – 6.   This league will be run at Henley School fields. Touch Rugby is offered in term 4 to all student year 1 – 8 and takes place in Richmond at Jubilee Park, Gladstone Road.


Mini Football/Soccer

Is a great introduction to playing football.  This 5-a-side game takes place during the summer terms 1 and 4 at Saxton Soccer grounds.  It is a great introduction to football or a wonderful way to keep up football skills during the winter months.


Tennis Hot Shots Schools Programme

St Paul’s is actively involved in this tennis programme.  Each year we link up with the head coach at Richmond Tennis Club for in-class sessions.  To complement these ‘at school’ sessions further tennis options are available at Richmond Tennis Club, through our sports website. To learn more about Tennis Hot Shots click on the following link.  To learn more about all tennis in our region go to


Other Sports

During the winter months, hockey, soccer and rugby are played through community club leagues.  Sign up information for various clubs can be found on our sports information site (use the link at the top of the page).  We are also able to link students to a variety of individual sports such as golf, table tennis and tennis.

Ski Trip