Reporting to Parents

Students in Years 0-3 receive a report every 20 weeks of their schooling until the end of year 3.  This means that a child who enters school as a 5 year old will receive a Progress Report at 20 weeks, 60 weeks and 100 weeks of schooling and an Anniversary Report at 40 weeks, 80 weeks and 120 weeks.

Students in Years 4 to 8 will receive a report twice a year; An interim one at the beginning of Term 3 and a full report at the end of the year.

There are other occasions that parents will have the opportunity to talk to their child’s teacher about their child’s progress. ┬áThis will be at Goal Setting Interviews in Term One and at Student Led Conferences which are scheduled to coincide with the Interim or progress report for those students in Year 0-3 and are scheduled for half way through Term 3 for students in Year 4 – 8.

Parents are always welcome to contact their child’s teacher if they wish to discuss any aspect of their child’s learning.



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